Self Paced Training with Certification. 


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Cuddle therapy is an alternative therapy that has shown many remarkable benefits. By offering companionship, cuddles and platonic touch you can make a difference in peoples lives. 

Join in on the Cuddle Revolution

Cuddles are changing the way we approach therapy, connection and healing. This training course prepares you for your Cuddle Therapist training journey. Be well equipped with all the necessary tools you need to begin today. A Cuddle Therapy session can be offered for $80-$100ph. The Training is $247AU. This is a Limited Opportunity as this is the final weeks at this price for Certification.


Professional Training

Add a New Modality to your practice. Whether you be a healer, wellness practitioner or would like to hold onto a new certificate

Association Membership


You can choose to be a member of an Association after your Training. 




Optional Insurance cover from one of the worlds leading Insurance Companies as a cuddle therapist. 

"I was offering Reiki sessions for over 10 years and found that Cuddle Therapy was a natural addition to my practice. "

Joanne Watts
Reiki Teacher

"For 1 hour session i charge $100AUD and its the best thing i have done in my life. As a Massage Therapist charing $70 for a 1 hour strenuous massage - this is the easiest income and a session i love giving. "

Ashley Morris
Massage Therapist

"I work with the elderly, and i have seen how detrimental a touchless world has become. Even holding hands seems too much to offer. But with this course, I am qualified to give Hugs and Cuddles and i am forever grateful and so are my patients."

Loreen Mcdonald
Aged Care

International Insurance Coverage

26 countries covered for Association Membership and Insurance. 


Enrol into the Certified Practioner of Cuddle Therapy Course Today.

Whats in the Course

The program is a comprehensive course in Cuddle Therapy


$247 AU

Included: Neuro Responders of Touch

Included: Cuddle Therapy Positions

Included: Ethics, Safety, Legalities

Included: Publicity, Marketing & Good Business Practice


Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a Cuddle Therapist trained by Cuddle Academy, you can obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance as a Cuddle Therapist. Essential in todays world of Business. 

Begin your Cuddle Therapy Business Today

Enrol to become a Cuddle Therapy Professional and make a difference in the lives of your clients today.


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